Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In the moment

I've been working so much on my photography business lately and have been busy editing sessions. I often find myself wishing for those carefree days without a deadline or the added responsibility but I know I would be sad if I didn't have this business. It brings me so much joy and the slow season is just around the corner and I'll be wishing for those busy days soon enough!
So, yesterday Andrew and I took sometime to be in the moment and were just being silly with each other. I love to listen to this kid laugh and his smile just melts my heart. When I capture this in a picture it's the best!
We picked up this crazy animal balloon from the dollar section at Target. So, this is what a $1 and a mommy with a camera will get you...

For some reason this photo below reminds me of when he was a baby. I don't know if it's the look in his eyes or what but it just instantly took me back to when he was about a year old. Where or where has the time gone?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kenleigh's Kause

Yes, this is my second post of the day. I'm playing catch up!

Yesterday we took part in the Step up for Down Syndrome walk on behalf of our close friends daughter Kenleigh. It was a wonderful event and we were so happy we could be part of this special day. We are looking forward to again next year!! :-) Here are some pics from the day.

The face painter there was so good!! Andrew loved his puppy face and was so sad to see it fading away later that night.

Andrew and his buddy Lily. Love her butterfly eyes!!

Okay so here is the story behind WHY I took this photo. When we watch football Blake always jokes around when the cheerleaders are shown and yells "Andrew... cheerleaders!!" So, now Andrew is taking after his Daddy and does this when he see's them. So, when I saw these cute girls from the nuggets walking around I knew I had to get a photo of them with Andrew for Blake. I love the look on his face!


This past Saturday we went downtown for the Oktoberfest celebration. Yes we know it's not actually October here in Colorado but I think they do it early because you never know just how cold it will be in October and when the snow will come.

Sadly, it wasn't really what we had hoped. Not much to keep you busy for very long. However, Andrew got to ride the bungee trampoline again and that made his day.

So serious....

Dear band members,
Your music was actually quite nice please don't get a complex because my son is sensitive to loud noises and likes to put his fingers in his ears.
Sensitive boy's mommy

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Auntie & Sis

Auntie (aka my sister). Wait I just had a tought, isn't it funny how you are called something pretty much your entire life and then a small child decides to call you by a certain name and then everyone in the family starts to call you by that name. The power of children is huge. I remember when my niece Kayla used to call me Aunt Mami. I LOVED it! I wish she would still call me by that name. Ahh... they grow up so fast. Okay, so way off on a tangent.

So, Auntie came to visit us for a week and we had the best time with her. Blake was a trooper and took care of Andrew and let us girls go to the movies and dinner and a fun trip to Vail. We had a great time in Vail, lounging by the pool (without sunscreen - doh!!) and walking around the village people watching. We also were I"M SURE watched by a few people because we were acting like such dorks with the camera. (I didn't bring my big camera on our little adventures but was pleasantly surprised with my little Canon Rebel.)

Here are our pictures from Vail!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear Neglected Blog

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in nearly 10 days but I've been busy having fun. I have lots to tell you and lots of photos to share but not enough time in the day. Someday soon (perhaps the end of the week) I'll update you on all that has happened over the past week. Auntie's visit and a trip to Vail and cold weather coming our way. But for now I have 4 photo sessions to edit and lots of photo orders to complete. See you in a few days!


The Neglectful Blogger

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cleitus update

Cleitus the bunny is still hanging out in our backyard and by the size of him it appears he loves all of the yummy plants and grass our yard has to offer. He's also getting used to us. He came up close to our patio yesterday and let Andrew get about a foot away from him. Just look at that mischievous look on Andrew's face.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of Jr. K!

Yep, here is my little man on his first day of Jr. K. Big man on campus I'm telling you. He walked right into his new school and into his new classroom with so much enthusiasm. He is Mr. Independent and so outgoing. I love it! Daddy took the last day of his trip off so he could be here for his first day. What a lucky boy.

Hmmm... wonder what he is thinking here? LOL

This is definitely my photo of the day. I love love love it!

Putting his backpack up. He thinks his backpack is so cool!

Him and Miss Marilyn (his main teacher).

Jr. K Teacher gifts

Andrew starts Jr. Kindergarten today!! He is so excited to start a new school and to say he's going to Jr. Kindergarten. Plus he gets to wear a back pack and take his lunch sometimes. I made these little goodies for his new teachers. They are sort of a mix of two other projects I've done before. The teacher gifts I made last year used the nugget candies and then the containers were ones I used for the Blizzard Bites I made last year.

Pics from the big day will be posted soon!