Friday, August 29, 2008

A hiking we will go

Yesterday morning we took of to Castlewood Canyon State Park to go on a hike. It' s only about 30 minutes from our house and it was just beautiful. It was Andrew's first hike and he had a blast climbing over all the rocks and jumping off them. The trail takes you down into a canyon that has a stream running through it so lots of photo ops. :-) Andrew wasn't in much of mood to pose so I got a lot of candid shots and lots of him and Blake from behind. I love the above photo of my two boys. They are instep with each other and even their arms are the same.

We walked about 3 miles (ugh!) and Andrew made it for most of it. He was tired about the last 1/2 mile so he rode on Blake's shoulders. When we got to the end of the trail they had playground equipment set up for the kids and Andrew was super excited. He kept looking for the playground since we were at the "park".

Thursday, August 28, 2008

No photos...

Can you believe it? I haven't taken a single photo in 3 days. I tried to get Andrew and Blake to pose for me yesterday afternoon but they wouldn't. Maybe I can get them to do it today.

We are getting ready for Andrew to start preschool next Tuesday. Yay!! I'm busy making little teacher gifts for his first day back. (I can't help myself.)

Only 3 more days until September. It's almost time to pull out all of my fall decorations and pumpkin spice candles. I love that smell! Blake has to work this weekend so guess what Andrew and I will be doing on Sat & Sun?

Enjoy your Thursday!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Got Sand?

Andrew finally does! We packed the pool away and made room for the sandbox and he is loving it. He spent all day yesterday in there getting filthy and running his monster trucks through all the sand.

Here is the happy boy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

More photos!

Here are more pictures from our little photo shoot yesterday!

Sneak peek...

at some photos I took of Andrew yesterday. These are just a few of the great shots I got of him yesterday. I downloaded a new photo editing program that has a free 30 day trial and I am in love with it. I'm going to cry when the 30 days are over. :-(

He was in such a serious mood and kept doing all these great poses. He was cracking me up!

I was thinking of taking him into a studio to get his 4 year pictures but I just can't find a good studio here. Nothing can beat Village studios in California! But I'm really liking these and am hoping I can get some more photos of him this next week maybe with his shirt on. :-)

Here are just a few more pictures of our little model.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Backyard fun

We spent some time in the backyard last night because we had a thunderstorm move in that really cooled it off. I got some great shots of Andrew being chased by Blake. You'd never know about 30 minutes before these pictures our tornado siren went off and we saw two funnel clouds form just east of our house. That tornado siren has gone off several times since we've lived here but it still sounds so ominous and freaks me out a bit.

I'll post a photo of the funnel cloud soon. Andrew has woken up and is yelling for me to come get him. I can't believe that kid still hasn't figured out he can get out of his bed on his own and walk out the door!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Got milk?

Andrew and I made these cupcakes today since it's still raining and we are running out of projects. :-) Thank goodness I hit the treadmill this morning. Not sure I burned enough calories to compensate for this cupcake though.

For those who love peanut butter cups you have to try these. I got the idea from Bakerella. I'm sure her cake is much better than mine but I didn't have all the stuff on hand she used. So, I used a Devil's food cake mix and added cut up peanut butter cups to the mixture and
frosted them in chocolate icing and sprinkled more PB cups on top. Yummy!
Tomorrow is supposed to sunny and 80! Thank goodness we have got to get out of this house.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Is it fall already???

Look what I woke up to this morning....

FOG! Well it's not the real California fog but it's drizzly, dreary and cold outside and I am lovin' it! The high today is 58 yes you "heard" me right. 58 degrees!! It's supposed to rain throughout the day today and the same for tomorrow. After that it'll go back up in the 70's & 80's which is typical for this time of year.

I figure if I keep posting how great the weather is here maybe some of you Californians will move here! That is my goal anyway ;-)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Playing with more photos

Here are some more photos I took of Andrew at the park the other day. I've been playing around more with the PSE actions. Enjoy!