Sunday, June 22, 2008

Riding along in my automobile...

The kids and I "drove" up to the school playground yesterday again. It's such a hoot to see them all in a line in their little cars. The one of them parked in a row at the playground cracks me up. On the way home the girls stayed on the sidewalk which is the long way. Andrew decided he'd cut them off and took a short cut down the grass hill to the sidewalk. He's such a boy! When he got down to the bottom the girls were yelling at him and he just started giggling and punched it. He kept looking back at them to see if they were catching him. He is going to miss them so much... :-(

Well not much more going on today for us besides packing and getting ready to leave for California tomorrow. Where did the last 10 days go???

Cooling off...

On Friday we spent the day outside in our new pool the kids picked out. The water was really cold but they had fun and it eventually warmed up. There are also some pics of Andrew eating a push up. It's the first he's ever had and even though the girls tried to teach him how to eat it you'll see he wasn't fast enough.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hanging out at the park...

Here are some pictures of the kids at the park yesterday...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 little monkeys...

I took the kids to a place called Monkey Bizness yesterday. It has all of those big inflatable slides, obstacle courses and bounce houses. Be sure to check out the close up picture of Andrew and Katie going down the slide. Andrew looks terrified! But as soon as he got to the bottom he'd climb right up the stairs to do it again. He eventually got too scared to go on the big kid stuff and played in the toddler area. We all had a great time. Yes, even I went down the slide and through the obstacle course. I burnt my elbow coming down that big slide but considering I had shorts on I was happy all I burnt was my elbow. :-)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Help save the prairie dog!

If you lived in Colorado you would understand my title. There are always protests here about saving the prairie dogs when new subdivisions are started. Well apparently they have done their job because the kids and I found a poor little prairie dog trapped in our basement window well. It must have been chased in there because when I went up to the side of the house to try and help it a huge orange neighborhood cat was just staring down at it. The dogs next door were also going crazy. The poor thing was scared to death.

We put towels down the sides of the well in hopes it would climb out but it wouldn't go near the towels. I tried helping him out with a shovel but I couldn't get under him and I was afraid I would hurt him. So, finally I put a 2x4 down there and made a ramp for him. After a couple hours he figured it out and made his way out while we weren't watching.

Andrew kept calling him sweetie and when he woke up this morning he said he wanted to go downstairs to play with the prairie dog. Think this kid needs a pet??? :-)

Here are more pictures of our little friend...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our visit to the Denver Zoo!

CHECK OUT THIS LION!! Everytime we've gone before we've only seen the female lions and this guy is always in the cave. He was pretty impressive.

This monkey was hilarious! There is a glass partition between us and the mommy and baby were out. Well the baby came running up to the glass right in front of us and started hitting it so we all started laughing. Well, we soon found out Momma didn't like us laughing at her baby. She came right over and showed us her teeth and started yelling at us. The kids were cracking up.

We had a great time and were all ready to go home and rest. We stayed for over 4 hours and walked all the way around the zoo. I broke down and rented a ride on jeep to give the kids a rest. We finally left after the kids were asking to go home and Kayla just wanted to come home to sleep. :-)