Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our visit to the Denver Zoo!

CHECK OUT THIS LION!! Everytime we've gone before we've only seen the female lions and this guy is always in the cave. He was pretty impressive.

This monkey was hilarious! There is a glass partition between us and the mommy and baby were out. Well the baby came running up to the glass right in front of us and started hitting it so we all started laughing. Well, we soon found out Momma didn't like us laughing at her baby. She came right over and showed us her teeth and started yelling at us. The kids were cracking up.

We had a great time and were all ready to go home and rest. We stayed for over 4 hours and walked all the way around the zoo. I broke down and rented a ride on jeep to give the kids a rest. We finally left after the kids were asking to go home and Kayla just wanted to come home to sleep. :-)

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