Saturday, September 26, 2009

Auntie & Sis

Auntie (aka my sister). Wait I just had a tought, isn't it funny how you are called something pretty much your entire life and then a small child decides to call you by a certain name and then everyone in the family starts to call you by that name. The power of children is huge. I remember when my niece Kayla used to call me Aunt Mami. I LOVED it! I wish she would still call me by that name. Ahh... they grow up so fast. Okay, so way off on a tangent.

So, Auntie came to visit us for a week and we had the best time with her. Blake was a trooper and took care of Andrew and let us girls go to the movies and dinner and a fun trip to Vail. We had a great time in Vail, lounging by the pool (without sunscreen - doh!!) and walking around the village people watching. We also were I"M SURE watched by a few people because we were acting like such dorks with the camera. (I didn't bring my big camera on our little adventures but was pleasantly surprised with my little Canon Rebel.)

Here are our pictures from Vail!


Mommassoapbox said...

LOVED THIS TRIP!!! Love you!!

Michelle said...

What great pictures of you guys!!! Sure looks like you had a lot of fun...and those drinks sure look yummy ;)

Marianne said...

wonderful pics, fun times had for sure.