Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

Ever been faced with a challenge and wonder "How am I ever going to handle this?" You just do. You take it one day at a time, sometimes an hour or minute at a time and you just do. You deal with it. You figure it out. You find the strength within yourself that you never knew existed and you handle it and you are a stronger person for it and somehow at the end you are thankful for the experience because you came out a better person. Not to mention it makes you a more compassionate and empathic person. Been there done that kinda thing.

Hope you had a great Wednesday!


Marianne said...

Thanks for the encouraging hits the nail on the head in so many different ways!

Sunny said...

Tami- Thank you so much for posting this- today of all days.
I have a "challenge at work- there was a situation, it was dealt with- I received a punishment and dealt with it(altho I thought it was totally WRONG & I didn't deserve it, but I needed to keep my job and the only way to do it was to just take it and let it go).......and now- AFTER it's over- There's more to be dealt with-ON THE SAME ISSUE!!!!!
shouldn't it be OVER now? It's not like it was a HUGE big thing- not just a rule broken(altho now- after the fact- the rules have been changed)- just a misunderstanding of sorts. And they're saying there be reprecussions from it...excuse me- I already finished the "punishment." End of matter.....
Sorry bit of a vet there...what I was meaning to say to you was -Thank you so very much for posting this today when I VERY much needed to be reminded to take it one minute/hour/ day at a time....and what doesn't kill me only makes me a better person for it!!!

Tami said...

So glad it helped you both!

Sunny - I hope work gets better for you soon. Hang in there!