Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jedi Knight in Training

It's no secret Andrew loves Star Wars and is obsessed with fighting with his light sabers. The neighbors gave him a black cloak to wear and now he is obsessed with being the bad guy. His face in that picture up there cracks me up.

He then took off out to the front to fight his shadow. It was pretty hilarious to watch. I love his imagination!


Sunny said...

Hiya Tami!!
Okay- so I have a husband who is Star wars obsessed as well.....He actually bought a REAL light saber that makes the sounds and lights up and everything....and we're moving back over to England in a couple months. He can't take it with him and so we're selling a LOAD of stuff- and that light saber is probably gonna be one of the things we end up selling..........I know it's sort of an expensive item, and not really a kid toy and is more a collectable- but is there any chance you would like to buy it(when Paul finally feels he can let go of it) for your little SW fanatic?? Your son seems like they type young man who is mature enough to love it and take care of it and give it a good home.
Just lemme know if you're interested.

Michelle Whitlow said...

yep, we have one of those around this house, too :)

Tami said...

Sunny - that sounds great and thank you for thinking of my son. I think he's still a bit young for that, he is all boy and just destroys things!! LOL