Thursday, May 6, 2010

Muffins with Moms

Today was a Muffins with Moms event at Andrew's preschool. It was so cute! Each class got up on stage and sang a song. Andrew's class sang a "Mommy"song to the tune of "You are my Sunshine." Definitely got a little teary eyed. :-)

After the song, they came and sat with us and had some yummy muffins.

Then he gave me this special gift...

Then I won something!! They had these pretty petunias on the tables and they said "Look under your chair, if it has a pink sticker on it then you get to take one of the flowers home." I looked under my chair, nothing. Then Andrew looked under his chair and started yelling like a crazy person (not sure where he gets that from.) Yippee!!

Looking forward to a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with my little man. :)


Gaga said...

Aren't these the best days? I wish you could be with us on Mother's Day. Very pretty petunias!

Lanette said...

Tami-keep capturing these precious moments-our Chris will be a freshman next year and we went to his first FFA meeting to buy his pig OH MY!! and I was jabbering about how excited it was going to be to watch him take responsibility to raise this piggie and he said "Mom, you mean your following me to high school too?" lol YOU BETCHA!! he just rolled his eyes lol I have always been sooooo involved in all his school stuff, it's in my blood-sorry son-I told him hahaha, acknowledge me or not I WILL BE THERE! hehe