Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

Okay so I decided to try something new on my blog and make it a bit more structured. You know me anytime I can put structure to something, create a schedule or plan it I'm there! I often come across inspiring quotes on the web or hear them and I thought I'd share my favorite one on Wednesday. Hence the "Wisdom Wednesday."

I found this neat blog called Notebook Doodles. You should go check out her site. Lots of pictures with writing on them and they are really cool.

Here is my quote of the week.
How many times have we intended to do something but never did anything to make it happen? From big things like weight loss or getting healthy to little things like organization or backing up your computer. The time to act is now! Have a great hump day!


Lanette said...

Can't even begin to tell how many things I INTENDED to do and never did! maybe this will inspire me to start on taxes, organize my closet, straighten up the plastic bowl cupboard, take out dead/frozen plants out of the backyard! wow and thats only a partial list lol thanks for the inspiration and the park looled loke a ball for those kiddies.

Marianne said...

This is so true; I am working on that very thing this year. I want to put a stop to intending to do something and actually put it into action. I just want to "GET IT DONE" I am making a list and prioritizing it so I can do one item per week. I figure this way I will achieve my goals and get things done. I am looking forward to your Wisdom Wednesday's sounds like good inspiration that will turn into great motivation!

Tami said...

Thanks Lanette and Marianne!

Marianne that sounds like a great plan. It can be so overwhelming to have a huge list but if you just tell yourself to one a week it seems more doable.

We've been cleaning out the basement storage area and threw away so much stuff that has just been taking up space. It's so nice to have it all clean now! Now I'm on to my scrapbook closet and office.