Friday, January 15, 2010

Shake it photo

Yesterday I loaded a cool new application to my iPhone called shake it photo. It may just be my answer to capturing all those moments I'm unable to because I don't always have my camera with me or by the time I go get my camera poof! the moment is gone. The great thing is that Andrew can do it too and he loves it. You take a picture and then shake your phone and the app creates a cool effect to your photo and puts a polaroid type border around the image.

Here we are last night playing with it.

Andrew took all of the photos expect of course the ones of himself. The funny thing is that I kept telling him to take photos of what is most important to him and what he can't live without. He says "Hmm....." Like he is really thinking about it but honestly he just wants to snap photos because he likes to shake the camera. So, he says all of a sudden "Money! You can't live without that!" He takes a photo of his piggy bank. Then I say "What about Mommy? Can you live without me?" He says, "Well I just live with you all the time." LOL Thanks kid. ;-)

So, I repeat myself asking him to think about what he can not live without. Fully expecting him to run upstairs and take a picture of Bongo. Then he says "God." I say, "God?" and before I can ask him what he is going to take a picture of he chuckles and says "Oh he is at preschool." Oh. my. gosh. :-) Yes, I will be having a talk today to let him know God is everywhere. I just didn't think he'd stay still long enough last night for the "talk".

So I encourage all you moms out there to give your children a camera you just never know what they are going to come up with!


Michelle said...

ya know, my new profile pic in facebook was taken by my daughter :)

Mommas Soapbox said...

Oh my gosh I love it. God is at his preschool. LOL yes he is buddy....