Friday, January 8, 2010

The Biggest Loser - Week 1

UPDATED RESULTS - just a couple tweaks***

So, I haven't talked about this yet on my blog but my family and friends are coming together to do our own Biggest Loser challenge. We started on January 1 and will continue through the entire year. The first challenge ends on May 28 and to inspire people to keep the weight off or continue to lose those pounds the next challenge ends on December 31.

We've had a great start to our first week and I'm so impressed. I have to say I was very excited when I woke up this morning and the numbers started coming in. It's so awesome to see everyone putting forth the effort to make themselves healthier in 2010.

If you didn't lose as much as you'd hoped please don't get discouraged there is always this next week! Plus consistency is what is most important here and making life changes. The weight will come off eventually. Good luck in the week to come!


Marianne said...

Congrats Mike on a great first week!

Sunny said...

What an awesome idea!!! Good luck!!