Saturday, November 14, 2009

Disneyland - Day 2 (part 1)

Day 2- We hit the ground running and didn't stop at all. Although we didn't stop the whole 4 days we were there really. So much to see and so much to do.

We got into the park early that day and rode more rides, including Pirates of the Carribean. That is one ride that I don't care how old you are, it never gets old.

We met up with Gaga, Aunt Connie, Nana and Papa in the afternoon and headed back into the park to ride Andrew's favorite ride - the rockets! You'll have to see the photo to get the full picture but let's just say two adults should probably get their own rocket. Even if the lady promises you can fit and under her breath says "Trust me I've seen bigger." LOL

So, this is part 1 because part 2 is Andrew going through Jedi Knight training and I have to have a post dedicted to just that.

Have a great Saturday!!

it was a bit bright.

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Lanette said...

I am CRACKING up-LOVE the photos and especially the ROCKET one!! OMG you 2 looked like you were having a blast (no pun intended) lol keep em coming, LOVE to see the excitement build with Andrew!! love ya lots cous.