Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our little Jedi

Like many boys, Andrew LOVES Star Wars. He and Blake have watched all the movies a number of times. Last Christmas he got light sabers and lots of Star Wars toys and he just loves Darth Vader because he is such a bad guy. So, when we first saw the Jedi training academy show the first day we got to the park we knew we had to try it out. We caught the tail end of the show a couple of times after we got off rides right around that same area and Andrew was begging to do it. So, on our way out on the second day we walked right passed it and the show was starting in 15 minutes. After finding out we had to sit behind a certain line and wait for the Jedi master to come out and choose a select few to go through the academy training we got worried. If Andrew wasn't chosen he would be heartbroken.

So, the Jedi master comes out and all the kids are jumping up and down and low and behold the first words out of his mouth are "the little boy in the blue shirt with a black stripe" OH MY GOSH!!! He was chosen first!! Phew... I can stop worrying he'll be upset for not getting chosen. He jumped up and put his robe on and took his place on the stage. I was so proud of him. He is so confident and outgoing and I absolutely love that about him.

After a quick course on how to fight with a lightsaber he took the stage and fought Darth Vader. Again, he just did what they Jedi master told him to do and didn't think anything of this huge Darth Vader walking right up to him. He was beaming and so proud of himself after he fought him.

I love that he is at the age that he really believed he was fighting THE Darth Vader and that he was now a Jedi after going through the training. What little boy wouldn't want to have that as a childhood memory? I was seriously okay if we went home right then and there because the trip was worth it just for this experience.

Next stop.... Medieval Times for Andrew to be knighted. (Seriously is this kid Living the Dream or what? LOL)

So proud of his certificate (yes it's upside down).


Karen said...

My son is just dying to get to do the Jedi training there! How very cool that yours was picked right away!! Don't you just love seeing such smiles from kidlets (especially when they are yours!)?! :> (I just popped over here from Stephanie's kidlets are loving the Disney pics! :>)

Lanette said...

Plane delay: Aggrivating
Ticktets to Disneyland and Hotel: 1.2 (lol)
Long lines: :(
Andrews fighting the Jedi Training session: PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!

Tami said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the Jedi training is definitely worth the wait. We would have kept going back until he was chosen. :-)

Lanette - LOVE it!! LOL You are so funny.