Sunday, June 6, 2010

En Garde!

Andrew has been attached to his Medieval Times shield and sword the past few days. Actually he took them to bed with him last night "to fight off the bad guys." So, we put them under the bed and he said he wouldn't play with them. So a couple hours later I check on him and he has the shield strapped to his arm fast asleep. I just sat and watched him for several minutes with a big smile on my face. I love him. I love his imagination and I love finding him this way. I didn't grab my camera because sometimes I think I just need to enjoy the moment and not worry about capturing it. So, I resisted the urge.
Then this morning he asked to go outside and I went out to check on him because he was talking to someone (or so I thought.) I found him fighting his own shadow a.k.a the bad guys. This time I gave in and grabbed my camera. So glad I gave into the urge this time. :)

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