Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lucky Mommy

I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day. Here is a play by play of how my relaxing day took shape.

First up... a tasty breakfast made by my hubby. (If you've never had fried potato pancakes you are missing out BIG time!)
We took off to the nursery to get plants for a salsa garden. SO excited about this!! Tomotoes, cilantro, peppers... yum!

Went to lunch and then went to the Home Depot for some plants for the front porch. Again... so excited!! I've been waiting for Mother's Day to plant (there is snow in the forecast for Wed.. really? Come on Mother Nature!!)

Coerced Andrew into taking some pics with me...
He loves that he can do the taco tongue and I can't.

Blake had to go to work and we played board games. I caught him with the camera when he got Yahtzee! Is there anyway you can not be excited when you get Yahtzee?

That's it! My Mother's Day all summed up. Yep, I'm one lucky mommy. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!

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Marianne said...

Looks like it was a GREAT day! I love Yahtzee, it's so funny all of our friends and us just started playing it with in the last month :-) Stephen was on a roll every game ge started with a Yahtzee it was unreal...Great pics thanks for sharing your special day...Love Ya

PS You look wonderful!