Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

Saw this on the Dear Lizzy blog I often check out because she is an awesome scrapper and love her photography too.

So many quotes are such simple saying but oh so true and can really change your perspective on life. At least for a little while right? Then we get super busy in our day to day activites and forget. Then we come back to a quote or something shakes us to make us appreciate everything just a bit more. That is what life is all about. You can't live by this quote every second of every day but reading it every now and then reminds you. Life is wonderful.

Have a great Wednesday!


Michelle said...

Love that!!! So true!

Lanette said...

Great one, need to hang it on the fridge this time of year!! TAXES UGH:(

Marianne said...

I look forward to your Wisdom Wednesday's, thanks! Not only for the quote but for your input as well, we should call it Tami's Pearl of Wisdom :) Love ya cuz.