Monday, March 15, 2010

Mini spring photo session

I've been busy the past week working on a new pricing structure and portrait collections for my business. I am finally done and am very pleased with the new look of my pricing sheets and what I am offering my clients. One of the new offerings this year is a mini digital session. Andrew was nice enough to help me out in showcasing the mini. He is a pro at it now! I can't tell you how many mini sessions I've done with this kid over the past year.

Here are some pics from our session... Have a great Monday!


Marianne said...

Tami he is so handsome! I love all the fav is the close up black & white. I've always said I love his eyes, they are deep brown with those lashes, what a cutie! I always look forward to seeing your talent on the screen. You have such an amazing eye and create such beautiful memories. Keep up the good work :)I wish I lived closer I would love to follow you around at one of your shoots and get some pointers.

Happy Monday love ya

Tami said...

Thank you Marianne!!

Gaga said...

You should be hired to take the school pictures for the kids! Great work!