Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

When I saw this sunset the other night I grabbed my camera and I snapped a shot knowing I'd use it for one my Wisdom Wednesdays. It was too beautiful to not.
This week is another quote about motivation and working hard to achieve something. I've been working so hard on losing this weight and I'm just not seeing the results on the scale. So, today I am taking a break from the gym but I will still stay on track with my eating. I keep telling myself it will come off eventually and I need to be patient. We have only been at this for about three weeks. Patience.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Mimi said...

Tami keep the faith. As you told me the weight will come off eventually that what we are doing is getting healthly. Thank you for motivating each of us to get healthly and I love you Wisdom Wednesday. Love You Girl!

Lanette said...

Just keep it up cous-it took me awhile but I stayed motivated and on track and FINALLY reached my weight goal and I haven't been a size 8 EVER!!!!! so all of you keep up the good work and remember the slower it comes off the LONGER it stays off-I've been keeping up on all your stats-going great in my books!

Tami said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement!! :-)

Marianne said...

Don't let the scale get you down!You've said that you are feeling better since we have started this journey...that's whats important. The weight will come off some faster than others but it will come off. Keep doing your thang! Thank you for always being my motivation with all you do! I love ya :)