Thursday, January 7, 2010

Foggy, Snowy & Frosty

I woke up yesterday morning expecting it to be snowing as it was fore casted. Nope it was clear as a bell, clouds out in the distance but really clear. Hmm... So, Andrew and I went upstairs to get ready for school and by the time we got out of the shower the fog had rolled in. Yes, fog. Here? We don't get fog very often and this was freezing fog so all the trees had frost all over them.

Andrew just kept saying I can't see over there! Where did my school go? I can't see it! If only he knew the place he was born has fog that is 10 times worse than any fog we'll ever see here. We could still see the yellow line on the road and didn't have to drive 5 miles an hour and get so disoriented we had no idea where we were even though we've traveled on the same road for over 20 years. Okay, so a little exaggeration but I do remember those times in California when you just couldn't see anything and it was scary.

It turned to snow showers in the afternoon with some big beautiful flakes floating down. I tried to capture them with my camera but it just didn't do them justice. Then it just got cold and I mean COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD. It started out at 10 or 12 and by the afternoon it was 5 without the wind chill and it was windy.

We had playgroup in the afternoon and it decided to get nice and icy just in time for our drive home. That was NOT fun. I'm a wimp when it come to driving in icy conditions. Thank goodness Blake is home today so he can be our chauffeur!

Here are some pictures of our foggy snowy frosty day. (Yes, Andrew is holding a coin in the below photo. When I asked him if we could take some photos in the fog he said, "Okay! Let me get my coin first." "Huh?" Perhaps it's his lucky coin. ;-)

closer look at the flakes coming down...


Lanette said...

Yes Andrew FOG just came through it coming home from dinner with friends-ICK the snowflakes look so awesome TAMI we almost needed Rudolph again to guide our sleigh lol

Marianne said...

I remember the tully fog, yuck. It gets foggy up here too but not as thick. Great pics of your handsome boy.