Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas leftovers

We all have Christmas leftovers of some type. Somethings like wrapping paper and ribbon we can store away for next year but some things you either throw away or have to eat! (like candy)

I saw this idea on a blog somewhere and I can not remember where. But I thought it was a great one. What do you do with all the Christmas cards you get? Please don't say throw them away!! Especially those with a photo on it. Yes I have an obsession with not throwing away photos. It's just not right.

I think it's so much fun to look back at Christmas cards throughout the years. Here is a way to keep it organized...Just punch a hole in the upper corner of each card and attach them to a metal ring. I added a simple tag that I printed out on the computer that has the year on it. You could go a step further and add ribbon and more embellishments. Next Christmas I plan on putting a basket somewhere around the house with these little card "albums" in it.

On to my next Christmas leftover. Mini candy canes! What do you do with these? I saw these little creations on this blog. (see below) What a great idea, huh? Just in time for Valentine's Day! I did these the other day for Andrew and he loved them. He laughed at them but ate them right up. You could even make these and put a wrapper on them and give them to your children's school friends. I'm not doing that but hey I though it was a good idea. No, I have something else planned for his school friends.

See below for all the pics...

No candy cane in this shot but I had to include it. Just look at that sweet face. :-)


Shelly said...

I love your ideas... I loving coming to your blog for inspiration!!!! Also I wanted to congratulate you on your success with the Biggest Loser Challenge... I agree about measuring... I am due to measure FRIDAY! CAnt wait to see! TTYS

Mommas Soapbox said...

too cute!! I don't have any mini candy canes or I would do it. And sadly I throw away most of my cards, cute idea. I do save the photo's/photo cards.

Tami said...

Thank you Shelly! That is great you are measuring too!! Good luck!

Thanks sis!

Michelle said...

such cute ideas for the candy canes!! And I planned on doing that idea with the cards, know, once I get Ben's tree down in his room. yes, he still has his Xmas tree up!! hehe I think Elizabeth Kartchner did the card book thingy, too. I also wanted to use some of them to make gift bags. Can't remember where I saw that.

Loni Wallis said...

Thank you for the Christmas card idea! I have bundles in the garage that I have never been able to throw away. Also I can't wait to see what you are doing for Valentine's Day. You are full of such great ideas.