Saturday, January 16, 2010

Biggest Loser Week 2

Congratulations Blake! For traveling as much as you do you are doing a great job

This week was a shock for me. I've been working out just about every day and really watching my calories. I'm not getting discouraged through because I feel so much better and I know the weight will come off eventually. My goal in doing this challenge was to feel healthier and have more energy and I'm already seeing those results. So, for those of you not seeing results on the scale please don't get down about it just keep doing what you are doing and you'll be thankful you stuck through in a month or so.

Having said that I'm putting a call out to all the ladies.... one of us needs to take the lead this next week. LOL! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Amy said...

Congrats, Blake! That's awesome!

Mimi said...

Way to go Blake!

Marianne said...

Good Job Blake, way to go!!!!!!!