Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here comes Santa Claus...

We headed out last night to the annual tree lighting ceremony and parade at Southlands. This year was a week early but so much more organized and fun. There was a marching band, ballerinas, costumed characters (the Grinch included), a float and of course Santa Claus.

Just being out in all of the festivities and listening to the music definitely got me in the mood. I want to start bringing out all of our decorations now. I think we just might do that today.

Me and my best girl, Jenny. :)

He's here!!!


Marianne said...

Love the pics, looks like fun :)

Lanette said...

I'm in the mood to decorate too, we had Thanksgiving yesterday because we are spending the actual holiday in the mountains with friends so I say out with the fall decos and in with Christmas!! whoo hoo!
And as usual, cous, the pics are SOOOOOOOOO good!
love ya lots