Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our first tornado

I can't even believe I'm writing this post. We had a tornado touch down about a mile from our house. We watched it form from our front patio and when the second one formed we headed down to the basement to take cover. Before the tornado formed it was so quiet and still, just two huge dark clouds swirling toward each other. Very unsettling to say the least.

We got huge golf ball sized hail and unbelievable winds. It was so loud in the basement and we had no idea where the tornado was. It probably lasted about 10 minutes.

Thankfully we are all okay and we didn't have too much damage. One broken window and a few torn up screens. Blake's truck was unfortunately in the drive and has lots of hail damage. Not sure if some of our plants are going to make it but that is little stuff.

We heard it touched down at the Southland mall near us so we took a drive to see what had all happened. It was unreal. I couldn't believe the damage from just an F1 tornado. Roofs were torn off, big trees snapped in half, medal stop signs bent in half, metal roofing was wrapped around trees, windows blown out everywhere, cars in parking lots had been picked up and were sitting on center divides, cinderblock walls torn over, and on and on. We even saw a trampoline in the side of the road.

The crazy thing is that about 30 minutes before this all happened Andrew and I were outside taking photos and were going to name our post "Signs of Summer". Then all you know what broke loose.

Here are some pictures...

This is the first tornado we saw form, the view is from our front porch.


Sunny said...

Been thru one myself- watched from our back porch as it lifted up our 2-story barn, turn it katty-corner on it's foundation, set it back down, and take away the top loft and roof.
Scary!! Glad you guys are alright. Yes- summer is definitely here!!!!

Michelle said...

Wow, glad to hear you're alright!! We had one hit about 20 miles away and the damage looked similar. I've never had one hit that close to home. Scary!!!