Thursday, May 7, 2009

Okay, it does get better.

In my last post about the Mother's Day flower pot I said it doesn't get much better than this. Yes it does! Andrew came home with a Mother's Day letter today. It was a fill in the blanks and here is what it said (what he filled in is in bold and underlined.)

My Special Mother
Mother is the most wonderful mom in the world!
She's as pretty as a FLOWER.
She weighs 60 lbs. and she's 10 FEET tall.
Her favorite food is SALAD.
In the good old days when mom was little,
she used to PLAY.
I think mom looks funny when she
I wish mom would PLAY with me everyday.
I wouldn't trade my mother for NOTHING.
Isn't that the cutest letter ever? I love him for saying I weigh 60 pounds, not sure yet if I like the "Mom looks funny when she gets in the shower." ??? LOL

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Michelle said...

I love those!!! Ben came home with one, too. He said I was 16 yrs old and if I were a cartoon character I'd be Giselle :) Yep, he thinks his mom is a young princess!!