Friday, May 15, 2009


Yes, it's a slow news day in the Wilson household today. I am writing about edamame. Andrew was just so excited to try something new (yes Andrew. I know it's hard to believe Mr. peanut butter and jelly and mac n cheese is actually trying new foods!) I'm really trying to provide him with more healthful snacks. You gotta start them young.

I saw a new friend of mine (Shelly) on Monday and her kids were eating this and I had forgot how much I love it as well. So, we were at Costco and I picked up these great little bowls. You nuke them for 3 minutes and they produce perfect edamame to snack on. You can't beat it! Thank you Shelly for giving me this idea!!

Andrew loved it! I think he loved the process of eating them as much as eating the little beans.

So, that's it. Told ya, slow news day. ;-)

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Shelly said...

AHHH I love it! I absolutely love the pic of Andrew in the 3rd pic! Concentration!!!!

The yellow tulips are down by where the water splasher will be!