Friday, January 2, 2009

We need more snow!

I'm sure I will probably regret saying that but seriously we need snow to play in! We still have some on our front lawn but it is quickly melting away and I'm sure it will all be gone today. It's supposed to hit 60 today!! We have a storm moving in tomorrow that is supposed to bring snow - fingers crossed.

Andrew did have fun playing with the snow out front. He used his new snowball slinger his Nana & Papa got him for Christmas.

Here he is reloading his snowball slinger and sneaking a quick taste of the snow. I know it's gross - that snow has been out there awhile!! yuck. But it sure made a cute picture. ;-)

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Sunny said...

LOL- Little Boys!!!
Sometimes you just HAVE to let them BE little boys......a bite of week old snow won't hurt him- unless it has a bit of a yellow tinge to it.- and i'm sure he knows better than to eat THAT!!!!

I cringe when I hear my son talk about some of the things he and his brother(whom we lost in a car accident in 2007 at the tender age of 23 and who had JUST three weeks before found out he was expecting a little one of his OWN with his wife)did when they were little and I was distracted with something else for a few minutes.
Some times i wonder how they made it to adulthood!!!!

Being a mom isn't easy sometimes is it? Always joyful- but not EASY!!!