Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Mommy, yook at my face!"

Earlier today Andrew was creating an art album with some markers. I usually don't use markers because they are ... well, a mess! But the colors are so bright and we have them so why not use them? I left the room for a couple minutes and remembered this is why we DON'T use them!

He was so proud, yelling at me from the other room "Mommy, yook at my face!" When he ran up to me my mouth dropped open and then he said "Pretty cool, huh?" I just busted up laughing and of course grabbed the camera. Check out his red lipstick. He did a pretty good job.
We did have a "talk" later and I think while I was scrubbing his face he realized he doesn't want to do it again. Thank goodness for washable markers! Although they don't completely come off but it's definitely better than permanent. :-)

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Michelle said...

Oh that's just priceless!!! I miss when mine used to say "yook"!! lol