Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beautiful eyes

My friend Amelia, who is really into photography, posted a photo on her blog of her little girl looking down. I LOVED her photo and was really inspired to try it myself. (Thanks for the inspiration Amelia!)

So here is my take on it... I would kill for his lashes. Seriously. If you click on the photo it will make it bigger. In case you are interested!

Then Andrew looked up at me and BAM! Money shot. Well, at least I think so! His eyes are absolutely beautiful! I know, I know. I'll stop now but I'm just a proud mama. I love when I take photos that evoke emotion and for me this is one of those photos I can't stop staring at. You can click on this one too for a bigger photo - you can actually see my reflection in his eyes. :-)


Amelia said...

Those turned out so good! You did a beautiful job! :)

Michelle said...

yep, the girls are in trouble in about 11-12 years!!