Monday, January 19, 2009

Cookies & Construction

Blake has been doing a lot of construction in our basement getting ready for us to put new flooring down next month. It's been pretty exciting to see cabinets and a wall come out and a new wall go up. Below are some pictures of the process!

Our kitchenette area Blake is tearing out.

The wall and tile flooring will come out next.

See the grey stuff on the floor? Not good if you want to lay hardwood down.

Blake making room for a half wall. (I wish I had taken a better picture but you'll see the half wall completed in some photos below.)

Time to replace to wood subfloor in the kitchenette area.

I have a funny story. Blake had to lay down in the crawl space to screw something in and there are black widows and nasty stuff down there. He was NOT enjoying himself and obviously busy. So, right in the middle of him doing this Andrew runs up and yells down the hole "Daddy? Have you seen my Dark Knight?" Okay this kid is always losing his Dark Knight and always asking us to help him find. I just thought it was funny he would do that. Maybe it's one of those things that you had to be there to find it funny and if it is. I'm sorry. :-)

Check out the new subfloor!

Here is a view of the room and the half wall Blake put up. You can see where the kitchenette used to be on the far right side of the room.

Okay so on to why I have cookies in my title. Andrew was a little under the weather so I thought I'd make him some chocolate chip cookies. I have been looking for a good recipe and I finally found it!!! I'm sure we've all heard of the Neiman Marcus cookie but have you tried that recipe? Okay so I found the recipe here and I changed it up a bit. I didn't add the ground espresso and instead of the 1/2 cup unsalted butter, I added 1/2 cup Crisco and 1/4 salted butter. Yes, I made them even more unhealthy than they already are. But they are sooooooo tasty! Soft and chewy in the center and crunchy all around the edges.

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Stephanie said...

Wow, I love the half wall!!! The basement looks great! My brother is such a handyman, I love it! Great job..... I can't wait to see it.

Love you guys,