Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter from Nana & Papa!

We went to the Dr. yesterday afternoon because Andrew has been coughing a lot at night and when we drove into our driveway a big white box was sitting on our doorstop. Andrew got really excited when he saw it and kept asking if he could have his surprise. :-)

Here are some pictures of him ripping into all his goodies. He was very happy to see the carrot filled with candy and he absolutely loves Pez candies (what kid doesn't?) But his absolutle favorite item in the package was definitely the MONSTER truck! He set up his signs and ramp and crash cars and just played and played with it. We even brought it to the table when he ate dinner! Thanks Nana & Papa! Oh, I had to throw in a photo of the mess those packing peanuts made - you can always count on Nana for those!

So Andrew had a great Thursday opening all his "Easter surprises" as he calls it. You'll be happy to know the first thing out of his mouth this morning was "Mommy, I wanna go downstairs and play with my tractor & monster truck!"

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