Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter from Gaga & Papa!

We've had a package from Gaga & Papa sitting in the kitchen for a couple days. Andrew kept asking about it but I wanted to wait until we got a little closer to Easter before I let him open it. Plus, it was just never the right time because I knew once he opened it he'd want to play with his new toy for several hours.

He got a new tractor that talks to him and tells him to fill him up with gas and help tighten his tire screw and to check under the hood. It's very cute! I was right Andrew played with that tractor for hours. Even when his little friend came over he would keep the tractor by his side and carry it down to the basement and then back upstairs when they had lunch. It's a hit Gaga & Papa! THANK YOU!

PS. I'm sure we'll be water painting the Blues Clues book today :-)

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