Friday, August 13, 2010

Teacher's Back to School Gift

ur baby is starting Kindergarten on Monday! Time to get working on a gift for his teacher. 

I just love these clear little pails from Michaels.  There are so many things you can use them for and very easy to alter.  Last year I decorated these pails for Halloween and put a carmel apple in them for Andrew's preschool teachers.  As of right now there is a healthy red apple in it but I may swap it out for a yummy carmel one over the weekend.

I used my papers and the apple stamp from Stampin Up.  I got these a couple years ago and it's now  retired and I have used this paper so much.... so glad I ordered two packages!  I'm sure you could probably still find it on ebay or something though. 

So, what are you doing or what did you do for a teacher's gift???


Mommas Soapbox said...

Something similar to this......imagine it. LOL It's almost like we talked about it. Weird, huh?

gaga said...

You are both too creative for me!