Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday Popo!!

One of the sweetest men I've ever known.. my Popo.  He turns 90 years old today!  Unfortunately, I won't be there to celebrate but he is definitely on my mind today.  Andrew and I will have to try calling him later and hopefully we'll catch him at home.  (ETA:  My mom called me from the party and Andrew and I got to talk to Popo and wish him well. Thank you Mom!!)  Andrew just loves him. They are hilarious to listen to when they are talking to each other because they both talk over each other.. yep, we call Andrew little Walt (that is Popo's name) sometimes.  Andrew is friendly just like him, never met a stranger and loves. to. talk.  alot!  It's awesome.

I remember visiting Popo during the summers as a little girl.  I loved going up to his mountain property and exploring.   We also loved to redecorate his house... there was one room in the back he let us do whatever we wanted to in.  We'd make forts and tents and play so many games in that room. 

To me he has always been a warm and loving grandfather. He's seen so much in his 90 years.. some wonderful and some not so wonderful.  He lost his first wife at a young age and then his second wife many years later.  He is a war hero and sadly losted many friends during the war.  With all the loss he has had he's also been blessed with 3 daughters, 6 grand children, and 11 great grand children!

Popo -  I love you very much and wish I could be there to give you a big hug!       

Here I am with Popo at his 57th birthday..

Here we are quite a few years later... ;-)

Andrew and Popo last summer. 


Mommas Soapbox said...

Wish you could have been there today. He was so touched by everyone there. It got to him a few time. Tears of joy I'm sure. I took lots of photos. I'll be posting them (hopefully tomorrow). Love you sister.

gaga said...

Great post Tami. I wish you could have been there too. I would love to have the pic of him and Andrew and frame it for him. If you can send it to me, I'll print it out. Love you

Lanette said...

Tami, that is too funny, my mom and dad used to tell everyone that Uncle Walt and I were made from the same mold because when we were together all we did was talk,talk, talk didn't even know or care if the other one was listening, pretty much the same to this day!! lol missed you yesterday it was so fun, your mom only made me "squat" a few hundred times-OMG~I love our family! good luck to Andrew tomorrow and I "almost" cried when I dropped Chris off at HIGH SCHOOL last week-so it doesn't get any easier believe me.