Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First day of Kindergarten!

We made it through the first day! 

Much like we thought, Andrew was more than ready to start Kindergarten.  All the kids lined up outside and got their name tags and then walked into their new school.  Andrew never looked back.... thank goodness or he would have seen a bunch of upset parents.  :-) 

My two wishes on the way home were "I hope he has fun and please oh please don't get in trouble!"  LOL

When we picked him up he was all smiles and said he had a great first day.  On the walk home he said "Now I can go home and watch a show!"  Unfortunately for him we had swim lessons in an hour and he didn't have much time to rest. 

After swim, we told him to choose his favorite restaurant for dinner to celebrate his first day of school.  He chose Noodles n Co and Coldstone.   I love that he threw ice cream in there.

Here are some pics from his first day...


Shelly said...

Looks like he had a great first day! The picture of you 2 .... is soooo beautiful!

gaga said...

I can't believe he is in kindergarten already. He look so happy......and you made it!!!!! :)