Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello from Seattle, Colorado?

All day yesterday it rained and it hasn't stopped... it's still raining as I type this. It's dreary and cold (mid 40's), gloomy, foggy, wet and I am loving it! Don't get me wrong I love the sunshine but it's nice to pretend you are living in Seattle for a couple days.

So one of our to do's on our summer list was to play in the rain. Perfect! :)

We had a birthday party yesterday and Andrew got a balloon from the party. Why do children find balloons so magical? I mean they rate right up there with a lollipop. If a kid is in a bad mood all you have to say is.. "Here have a balloon!" I bet you'd see a smile come across their face.

Apparently he was a bit thirsty...
I couldn't help but get a few shots of our rain soaked flowers.

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Marianne said...

WOW...besides Andrew being just so darn cute I love the color contrast of the red & yellow. You have such an amazing eye and I enjoy your photography!!! When I grow up I hope I am half the photographer you are. Keep up the GREAT work and I look forward to your next adventure with that sweet lil man! Love you guys!