Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Blake was working all weekend so that left Andrew and I together all weekend long. Hmm... what to do? I had promised him if he was better at listening that we'd have a slumber party. His eyes got as big as saucers and he started jumping up and down with excitement. Then he looks at me and says "What's a slumber party?" I'm guessing his excitement came from the word party. ;-)

So Saturday night we pushed the sofa's together in the basement and dragged out our sleeping bags and watched movies and ate popcorn and candy. Then around 9:30 Andrew looks at me and says, "I just want to sleep in your bed." This kid has been egging to sleep in our bed for awhile now so I caved. Plus, it's SO much more comfortable than the couch.

Finally at 10:30 my little Chatty Kathy (no clue where he gets that from!) fell asleep. I really don't know how parents sleep with their kids because his head was lodged in my back all night long. I'd move him back to his side and I swear he had a GPS because he would find me within a matter of minutes.

All of that aside it was so much fun and the best part? Right before he nodded off to sleep, it was quiet as a mouse and he says "Mommy, I just love you." *sigh*

He woke up the next morning whispering "Mommy... Mommy then MOMMY!" His next sentence was, "I think I want to sleep in your bed again tonight." Me, "Sorry buddy but this is just a special thing and we can't do it every night." Andrew, "Okay... well maybe when I get older I can sleep in your bed." I'll remind you, you said that when you are 16 son. :)

Then on Sunday we spent the day with friends and I snapped a few pics of this sweet little girl...

That was a weekend! How was your weekend? What did you do?


Sunny said...

What adorable photos!!!
You had much more fun than I did...I stayed home and packed most of the weekend. We're moving to England in August and, due to circumstances, can't take but a 70 pound suitcase and a 20 pound carry on! I'm also getting to have six 12"x12"x12" boxes shipped over after we get our own home over there! Everything else has to be sold or given away.
The one FUN thing I DID do was make another blog so I can chronicle the process of moving & adjusting from life in the USA to life in the UK.
Because of my company policies, I can't blog about it on my main blog because too many people I work with know read that one and I really NEED to work til the End Of July or Beginning of August.
I've put it out at my workplace as a trip to "visit" my in-laws, but it's def gonna be a permanent move.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your Blog, hun!! Never know what to expect on it and it always makes me smile....sometimes even thru the tears.!!!

Tami said...

Hi Sunny!! Thank you for your lovely comment.

Wow!! England?? I'll have to check out your new blog and see how it all goes over in the UK. How exciting!!

Gaga said...

She is so cute and takes great pictures. I love her eyes. My weekend was pretty typical....washing clothes, cleaning house, cooking meals...getting ready for Monday!
Your slumber party sounded like a lot of fun.