Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Family Picture

It's May 16th and we already did our family picture! Woo-hoo! The first photo up top is pretty traditional because everyone once and a while you need one of those. But we also had to have a little fun because 10-20 years from now which photos are we going to love more? The ones that show our personality and show us having a good time.

Andrew really wanted to wear his superman shirt and why not? He LOVES superheros. So, I let him but added a little polo underneath to dress it up a bit. He loved it even more. I think this boy is destined to love fashion. Well, Daddy did get best dressed in school. :-)

Here is our take on saying "cheese"... (which as a photographer I NEVER say)

Then laughing about being goofy. Apparently I thought it was hilarious because look at the HUGE smile on my face. Calm down girl. ;-)

So, have you taken your monthly photo yet? Come on you know you want to!


Gaga said...

Great pictures and a very good looking family! love you

Marianne said...

Nicely done...I love them all and I would have to agree the ones were you are just having fun are the ones that will bring out giggles later on. Remembering that moment when you all were just having soem fun. Thanks for Gaga said what a very good looking family. Hug & kisses