Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tornado Season is official here.

We had a tornado warning this past Thursday. It was a dreary rainy morning but by the time I picked Andrew up from school is was gorgeous outside and we were planning to go to the park after the gym. I got to the gym and about 30 minutes later the alarms went off and they said there was a tornado warning and it wasn't going to be lifted for 45 minutes. So,I headed to the child center to check Andrew out and soon found out that wasn't going to happen . They wouldn't release the children until the warning was over. So, off to the locker room floor we sat. About 10 minutes later the child care supervisor came in and asked every to duck their heads down and cover them with their heads. WHAT????????????????????? Then she whispered to me "It's over us right now." WHAT IS OVER US?? So, I'm thinking the tornado is touching down and throwing our cars all over the place. Oh boy. Really? I thought Denver NEVER got tornado's and here we are 9 months after the big one that touched down a mile from our house.

Well we were finally released and to my surprise (thank goodness) it was just a really strong storm with lots and lots of hail.

Here are some pics I took with my iPhone. The sky was extremely dark and the hail looked like a blanket of snow.

Andrew handled himself really well. When I asked him if he was scared he shrugged his shoulders and said, "uhh... a little bit." He's such a boy.

Oh and just for the record it rained all evening and we woke up to snow in the morning and white out conditions. I'm happy to report it has finally stopped raining and the sun is shining.
Only in Colorado can you have a tornado, thunderstorms, a blizzard and sun shine in a 48 hour period.


Gaga said...


Lanette said...

I know tornado's are horrible things but these pics are breath taking!! glad everyone's ok!

Michelle Whitlow said...

yikes, that's scary!!! Glad everything was ok. When I was pregnant with Ben and was shopping with Olivia we were in a scrapbook store (of course!) and the weather started to turn bad so I thought we'd better leave. As soon as I walked outside I thought "I'd better not risk it" and went back inside. It was that ominous pre-tornado weather that's really freaky. Tornadoes just freak me out!!

Tami said...

Me too Michelle!! When we moved to Colorado everyone said "oh we just get little warnings. It's not a big deal." Then last year one touched down by our house and we had to have our roof replaced. I no longer take the warnings lightly!

Gaga said...

Tami, is that a rabbit in the picture of your back yard? I swear it is!