Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tiny Tots Orchestra

Andrew had a field trip yesterday to the Tiny Tots inside the Orchestra event. Basically all the kids/parents sit in a big circle and the orchestra is positioned all around the circle. We were up front right next to the cellos. It was completely geared towards children with lots of fun songs from cartoons and Star Wars. They even gave an ice cream sample out at the end. :-)

Blake gave Andrew an up close and personal view of the mountain lion.

The conductor was great. Very animated and really involved the children in the program.

They had the giant cellos put on elephant masks to make their elephant stomping sounds.

me playing with my camera. :-)
This little girl was only 6 years old and had been playing for only 1 year. She was incredible!

Andrew enjoying his "tiny" ice cream after the show.


Marianne said...

Looks like it was...I love the pics you did of the chello or as you say playing with your are so talented and have an awesome eye. It's nice to see people bringing the arts to the children on their level.

Loni Wallis said...

You are giving Nate and I more and more reasons to get out of this nasty uncultured valley. We are strongly considering Colorado. In the near future I will probably be asking you many questions, if you don't mind. Christy said that you guys did a lot of research before moving, maybe I could get a few resources? I think we are looking at a 2 year plan to get out of here! :)

Mommas Soapbox said...

So fun! Adorable! Tell him his "not so tiny" Auntie Loves him!

Michelle said...

so neat, my kids would LOVE something like that!!