Monday, January 4, 2010

Silly Sunday

Sometimes you just have to be silly. Well, if I'm being honest in our house we are more often silly than not. How can you not be silly when you have a 5 year old boy living in your house? He is the epitome of silly.

Here he is all nice and sweet ready to put these cookies in the oven. Please Mommy!! Can we make cookies??
Oh but wait... a second later. Here he is, our silly goofy boy.
Then the cookies go in the oven and what are we to do? Hmmmm... act sillier perhaps? Sounds like a great idea to me. (Any excuse to take full face photos of my boy!)

oh... times up! Cookies are ready to be decorated. Yes, they are Valentine's Day sprinkles. On to the next holiday,right? That and I don't have any multi color sprinkles. Just holiday stuff. Anyone else like that?

Andrew look up at me! Andrew give me a thumbs up! Hello? Andrew? Oh okay go ahead and uh enjoy your cookie. ;-)

Then through all the silliness I captured this shot of him. Oh how I love his lashes. My perfect little silly boy.

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Marianne said...

Fun times, love his expressions. I love his eyes, I can't get enough of them & he does have gorgeous lashes, lucky!