Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Energy to burn

Anyone with a 5 year old boy knows they just do not stop. Ever. Sometimes we have to make up things to do inside the house to burn off some energy. Like... jumping on the bed. Hey, he burns energy and I get to play with my camera. It's a win win for everyone. I put my shutter speed a little slower to get some motion blur. I love it when a photograph shows movement. :-)

Okay so on to the shots of my little jumper.

What is that son? Are you getting tired?

I couldn't resist taking a photo of his sweet feet.
And he's pooped. My work here is done.


Lanette said...

you guys are to funny!

Marianne said...

Awesome, I will have to pass that on to my friend you has a boy that is always full of energy. Great pics...he is so darn cute.