Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Greetings from Alaska (uh... I mean Colorado)

Yep, this is what ZERO degrees looks like. (-19 with the wind chill) Cold, isn't it? Can't you just feel the bitter cold by looking at this picture? No. Hmm...

Well as I write this it's currently -11 outside (-30 with the windchill). I can't say it has ever been this cold since we've lived here. I have a new understanding of just what cold is. When the National Weather service sends out a windchill advisory that says do not go outside with exposed skin you know it's bad. Especially when the advisory goes on to say "AT COLDER TEMPERATURES FROSTBITE CAN OCCUR ON EXPOSED SKIN IN UNDER 30 MINUTES."

So just what do you do when it's this stinkin' cold and are house bound? Please see list below....

1. Open the slider door to see just how cold it is and close it after a millisecond. Then decide to take a picture of just how cold it is. So, you bribe your son to get as close to the open door as possible and blow as hard as he can to capture the steam on film errr... I mean digitally.

2. Organize a cabinet that is perpetually a mess. Then vow to keep it organized and to organize a closet/cabinet each day because man it feels good to be organized. Plus, what else do we have to do???

3. Play Connect 4 with your five year old and get beat. Man he is so good at this game!

4. Turn on Christmas songs and dance around the room. Then go look at the beautiful Christmas tree and all the twinkling lights. Go get camera and take photos of those lights. I can't get enough of "Christmas" bokeh right now. It's like my new best friend.

5. Eat and bake and eat. Sorry no picture of this one!
So all of you out there living some place that has above freezing temperatures get out and enjoy it!! I know I will as soon as we get out of these Alaska like temperatures. :-)

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