Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Daily : Day 21 & 22

Day 22:

I found this cool technique I just *had* to try. At first I saw this lens and an adapter than created this look by Lensbaby and I really wanted it. However, I've spent enough on photography this year and don't need any more write offs. (Translation: I've spent enough on Christmas and have already received my BIG gift from my hubby so it wasn't going to happen.) So, I stumbled upon this tutorial and made my own in a matter of minutes for free! If you have a lens with a small aperture. I used a 50mm F1.8. For the money this a nice lens and I would recommend it for anyone out there wanting to take some nice portrait shots and who wants to do this neat technique! I would love of course to have the50mm L glass but $90 compared to $1500 hmmmm... see above re: not needing any more write offs.

Day 21:


Michelle said...

neat effect with the hearts!!

Tami said...

Thanks Michelle!