Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daily December 2009: Day One

It's the first day of December and our countdown to Christmas is beginning. What better way to countdown than with a homemade advent calendar (see photo below for full picture.) This was unbelievable easy to do and besides having issues with the magnets I'm loving it. Next year I will redesign it and make sure to leave enough room for the circles to overlap a bit more and get different magnets that adhere better. Just an fyi in case there is anyone out there thinking they want to create it this year. Which by the way it isn't too late! This only took me about an hour to create. Easy peazie!

You can find instructions by googling muffin tin advent calendar. There is inspiration everywhere!

So, hello to December. I'm so glad you are here.


Marianne said...

okay way to cute, leave it to you to make such a cool thing.... LOVE IT :)

Michelle said...

I get my magnets at www.fridgedoor.com. They're self adhesive so it makes putting this kind of advent calendar together really easy. I did one last year & I'm working on another one right now!

Tami said...

Thanks Michelle!! I'll have to get those.