Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blizzard Bites!! (my fav)

I practically spent the entire day making goodies. I waited until the last minute to put the packaging together and I paid for it. Procrastination... you are the worst!

Last year I made these blizzard bites for my playgroup moms and Andrew's teacher and I received rave reviews. So, I thought why not make it a tradition and make them again.

I used large windowed coffee bags from Papertrey Ink this year and found the cutest embossed snowflake paper by Elsie at Joanns. I printed off my Blizzard Bites label, name tags and recipe card. The recipe card I found on Shabby Princess. It was completely free and it matched. Suuuweet!

I made an assembly line and cut paper, glued paper, sewed paper, glued paper... you get the idea. Last year to make the snow effect on the torn circle I used snow writer. I could not find it this year so I improvised with dimensional paint. It worked pretty well actually. Just make sure to use the large flake glitter for a little more depth.

When Andrew came home from school and saw what I was up to. He said, "Mommy what are you doing?" I said, "I'm making treats for your teachers and friends." Then he says, "Ohhhhh... Mommy that is so sweet. Thank you Mommy!" I'm telling you this boy melts my heart. I'm in so much trouble.

So, what are you making or giving as teacher's gifts this year???




Lanette said...

I LOVE both the Blizzard bites and the marshmellow treats! just might have to try them! I give neighbors and friends little treats at parties since Chris is 13 he's kinda out of the teacher treat stage, but our friends and neighbors would LOVE them! Thanks for all the great ideas, Andrew is ONE lucky guy!!

Mommas Soapbox said...

Katie made Gingerbreadmen cookies and put them in a bag with ribbon and cute name tags on them and gave them to her teachers..... "I" did nothing but take a photo and put it on my blog. LOL

I love a bakin' girl. She takes after her aunt. I'm sure she wishes you were her momma....

Marianne said...

Very Cute! I love that color blue that's on the bag. I miss the teacher treat stage. Love all the neat ideas you always share with all of us. Love & miss you =D