Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a "super" party!

This may be my favorite photo from yesterday. I just love the look on Andrew's face when everyone was singing to him. We had over 40 people there and it was pretty cool when we sang Happy Birthday.

This may be my favorite bday party to date that I have done for Andrew. The kids got a cape as soon as they arrived and headed either downstairs or outside to run around and be superheroes. We had 75 red, yellow and blue balloons blown up downstairs, a batman punching bag and lots of red spidey webs with spiders and bats stuck in them. We played one game with the kids but for the most part they just ran and played for the party.

When it was time for cake they came running and we sang Happy Birthday and headed back outside to eat (thank goodness the weather was nice!!) Apparently we were not fast enough with the cake because we had 20 kids chanting outside "WE WANT CAKE!! WE WANT CAKE!! WE WANT CAKE!!" I loved it! I tried to grab the video camera but no memory card- dangit!!

Andrew opened up his gifts after everyone left and was so excited about his new Transformers that were still not all opened by the time he went to bed. The last thing he said to me is "Mommy, don't open my new Transformers. I will get them when I wake up." Blake went in a few hours later to check on him before we went to bed and Andrew woke up when he walked in and again he told Blake "Daddy, don't open my new Transformers. Okay?" LOL

I have so many more photos to go through and edit (not a ton of edits but I just can't put a photo up without running a few things on them :-)

Check out his cake. I was so impressed with Coldstone! It was so yummy too!


Shelly said...

WOW...what a party!!! He obviously had the best time and it counds like you enjoyed the party planning as well!!! Cant wait to se more pics!

Mommas Soapbox said...

You go girl! Those capes are adorable! I'm stressin' over planning a Halloween party......and I just have to get costumes for my rugrats, decorate.....and get the food...and invites... they sprung this on me....I thought they were letting it go.....did I mention it's Friday? Can you come to Cali? They need their Aunt.. I'm not kidding........they do.... seriously can you? OH will be here! Just not "HERE".... sighhhh hmmmm wonder if they would skip party and soccer for disney...... what else was there....HMMMMM... gotta go.

Lanette said...

I bet he had the BEST time Tami! it looks so festive! I remember when Chris was 2 we rented a trackless train and it went all around the neighborhood and collected all the kids and brought them here, he was WAY into "TWAINS" and he called them and we had individual train cakes for all the kids and train whistles, bet the conductor guy was hating life by the end of that party! LOL OH WELL I really miss those days, now its just hangin with friends and campouts but its his day and he gets whatever he wants (within reason) that day so I try to make each year special and I have a BD candle collection from every year in my curio cabinet with the year on it, its so fun!! this year it was tanks! imagine that????? love ya lots and give him BD huggies from us?????

Michelle said...

So neat!!! Your birthday parties for Andrew are always so great :) Can't wait to see more pics!!