Thursday, October 22, 2009

Teacher's gift - Halloween

Just one more quick post today. I just had to share the little gift Andrew gave his teachers this morning. ( He couldn't wait to give it to them!!) I found these plastic pails at Michaels and decorated them a bit with my Spook Sweets II stamp set from Papertrey Ink. I got this stamp set last year for Andrew's bday party. I LOVE this stamp set!

Then, I threw some halloween crinkle paper on the bottom of the pail and put a yummy Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory carmel apple in the pail and Voila! a super easy, inexpensive and cute teacher gift.


Mommas Soapbox said...

OMIGOSH!! Too cute sister!! I NEED some of these! LOL

Next time I see you, you need to rub some of that talent on me.

You are a good momma!

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Can I come??????? those are adorable! I need some of the rubbed off on me too! give him huggies from us!

Lanette Helmuth said...

sorry the anonymous was from Lanette! oops