Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Andrew @ 5

I'm doing this early because we will be leaving tomorrow morning for Disneyland and won't be here on Andrew's actual birthday. Yippee!

Andrew LOVES:

Superheroes, transformers, playing with his friends, wresting with Daddy (always), swim lessons, his new school and teachers (they are wonderful!!), going to the movies, riding his bike or scooter, being goofy and making others laugh.

Random thoughts....

1. Andrew has been asking me for over a month now if he is 5 yet. At first it was 2-3 times a week, now we are up to 5-7 times a day.

2. He has no idea we are going to Disneyland. We are so looking forward to surprising him!!

3. Everyday he does something to make me proud of him. He has such great manners and is a kind boy.

4. He's 5. Wow. Kindergarten is right around the corner. sniff sniff

5. Andrew is becoming more and more independent each day. Some days it drives me crazy but I know he's just trying to be his own person and doesn't need me as much (more sniff sniff)

Okay enough babbling about how he is getting bigger and I can't stand it. I am so thankful he is healthy and growing and thriving. How blessed we are to have this boy in our lives. My sister was just writing on her blog about her cancer and she talked about Andrew being born two days after her diagnosis was a blessing and he put a smile on her face. The thing I remember most about her diagnosis is wishing I wasn't pregnant and this was the worst time to have a baby because I just needed to be with my sister. How was I ever going to do that with a newborn? (Now I don't mean to say I didn't want a baby because everyone knows the issues I had with my first pregnancy and I was over the moon excited to be pregnant again.) Looking back I realize Andrew was the best thing that could have ever happened to me during that time. Without him I would have fallen completely apart. Believe me, there were times that I wanted to and a few times I did but it didn't last long because just looking at my baby made me feel there was hope. One day I will make sure Andrew knows just how much he changed my life the instant he was born. He'll know how much a blessing he was to me in so many ways.

Andrew, drewbie, chewy, poodle, chew chew.....MOMMY LOVES YOU!!!!


Mommas Soapbox said...

K, you made me cry!

I don't want him to be 5!

Happy Birthday Andrew. I love you, Aunti.......aka "Your Best Girl"

Marianne said...

OMG..I cried too! Thank you for sharing such an emotional part of your life. Happy Birthday wishes to Andrew. We love & miss you guys. Have a wonderful time, looking forward to seeing the pics. Love ya