Friday, August 21, 2009

They arrived!!

My gallery wrapped canvases arrived a few days ago! I AM SO EXCITED AND BLOWN AWAY BY THEM!!! I've always loved these photos of Andrew and now I will have them forever. Well they are guaranteed for 60 years at least. :-) The bad thing is I want more!! I hope some of my clients buy them for Christmas presents, etc because they are so impressive in person and make such a unique and nice present.

Well Andrew and I are off for the day. The roofers are here banging away as they install the new roof and we have to get outta here.


Sunny said...

Beautiful......absolutely beautiful....I'm especially fond of the Cowboy one. The combination of Black & what and color is awesome.

Marianne said...

these look great, my all time favorite is the one in his cowboy hat. I love it! Miss you guys :)