Saturday, June 20, 2009

You know your camping when...

  • you start seeing a Starbucks mirage.
  • you'd give twenty bucks for a shower.
  • you wake up to your 4 year old's doggy breath and think it's awesome.
  • your 4 year old wakes you up at 5 a.m. and tries as hard as he can to wake the rest of the campground up too.
  • roasted marshmallows taste as good as you remember them tasting.
  • you come to realize a vault toilet is just not okay.
  • you get tired of going to the nasty toilet and let your son pee behind a tree.
  • the sound of the running river makes you have to pee in the middle of the night.
  • your snuggling around the campfire telling spooky stories.
  • your child falls into the river and drops his fishing pole and all he cries about his losing his pole. (Daddy stripped down to his underwear and jumped in after it. This was at 7 in the morning. What a great Daddy!)
  • you eat junk food and don't feel guilty. Hey your camping!
  • your child falls asleep on the drive home because he had so much fun and is exhausted. (this child NEVER falls asleep in cars.)

We had a great time camping and are really looking forward to going next time. Andrew wanted to fish the entire time so I am glad we were right by the river. We left a little early because we were getting bored (especially Andrew) and hope next time we can go with another family. Also, next time if it's more than one night, I need showers! Somethings you can give on and others well not so much.

Here are lots of pictures from our very first camping trip... (I have more of us hiking but I was having issues with blogger and will post them later.)

Blake teaching Andrew how to build a campire...


Michelle said...

Ok, what in the heck is a "vault toilet"?? Great pics!!

Tami said...

A vault toilet is just a big hole in the ground. Yuck!